The Villa is a beautiful old farmhouse with unmatched views of Castle Reschio and the Niccone Valley. It sits in five hectares of gardens, and has been restored to the highest standards, by local craftsmen using local materials.

Casa Castalda is just inside Umbria, on the border with Tuscany. The house is situated half way down the Niccone Valley, which was described by the Sunday Telegraph as having ‘more beauty per square mile than almost any other part of Europe’.


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Keep it simple

One pager scroll with storytelling

Using scrolling, Casa Castalda is able to use a one pager to tell the story of their Villa using beautiful imagery and remarkable content. What more do you need? Simple and perfect.

Minimal and powerful

When the design allows for the content to shine

When you land on a pageless site, such as Casa Castalda, you are immediately immersed in the opening lines of a great story. The ultra simplified design gets out of the visitors’ way and the story we are telling takes center stage for the entire journey through the site.