The Build

Online Shopify store

Domain connection

100 products uploaded to store

Theme optimization

Shipping method setup


Template with Hebrew support

Hebrew language transaction emails

Connections & Integrations

Clearing connection

Social channel connections

Pickup point application connections

Hebrew language transaction emails

Platform training, including marketing elements

₪10,000 (plus VAT)

Not including 3rd party fees

Why is Shopify better than other platforms?

Shopify is built specifically for e-commerce, while many other platforms use plug-ins for their e-commerce features. This means that all of Shopify's elements are built intuitively for the e-commerce experience - including their themes, backend management, and SEO. Additionally, a Shopify plan comes with free updates, integrations, security, and servers so that your Shopify store is a one-stop solution for all of your e-commerce needs.

Shopify bases all of its updates and improvements on beta tests with 1.5 million stores. They collect feedback and best practices from their users, which is what makes Shopify's platform perfect for business owners.

Which themes are Essentail Setups built with?

Essential Setup shops are built using either the Impulse, Prestige, or Blockshop theme. These are all Shopify-authorized themes - a key to giving you a smooth Essential Setup experience.

Where can I see Shopify themes?

View the Impulse theme here. View the Prestige theme here. View the Blockshop theme here.

What are the additional fees involved in creating & maintaining an e-commerce store?

There are several additional fees for an Essential Setup.

  • Themes cost approximately $180 - this is a one-time cost.
  • Payment platforms typically charge approximately 50nis/month plus a small transaction fee.
  • There is a 30nis-40nis monthly fee for maintaining the domain name for your website.

The Shopify plan itself costs between $30 - $300/month depending on the size of your business. Additionally, because Shopify payments is unavailable in Israel, Shopify charges Israeli merchants a transaction fee. This fee is tiered: 2% for companies on the $29.99/mo. plan, 1% for the companies on the $79.99/mo. plan, and 0.5% for the companies on the $299.99/mo. plan.

Can I add more features to the Essential Setup?

Yes, you can add on more features and customizations by buying one of our packages for extra hours. Contact us for detailed pricing.

How easy is it to manage the store once it's live?

Shopify's general approach is to give users everything they need to operate their store without the help of developers. That means that their user interface is simple and intuitive. On top of that, included in an Essential Setup package are educational sessions that help you (the store owner) run the store once our work is complete.

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