What's it good for? Simplifying your life and saving you tons of time doing manual work.


Who's it good for? Any business with multiple points of sale - physical and digital.

" The POS system allows us an easy, pleasant, and intuitive sales process with reliable access to inventory and customers."

- Ginat, CEO Hotcrown

Unified stock management

Manage all of your stock in one place. That's right - all of your stock: offline, online, multiple branches, warehouses, doesn't matter! Whatever your business' setup, you'll have a complete overview of your entire inventory at a glance.

Omni-channel gift cards, refunds & exchanges

Finally! Coupons and discount codes that will work on your website AND in your physical store. Exchanges and refunds no matter where the customer bought it. Not only is it possible, but it's insanely simple. It's so simple we have nothing else to write about here.

Real-time data

Know what's up with your business. Track sales across every channel as they're happening. Know what's selling, what's not, and who's buying it - no wait time. 

Customer journey tracking

Follow your customers from purchase to purchase. Whether online or offline, you can get to know your customers better, build stronger relationships, and have deeper insights into what they need. Use detailed data to market like you've never done before.

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