🎁  BuyMe | Gift Card

A solution for Shopify Plus stores to enable customers to use a BuyMe gift card as they checkout online. BuyMe is a part of MultiPass, so you can integrate with any MultiPass products.

Who is this good for? Any Shopify Plus store that works with BuyMe.

🔗  ERP Integrations | Integrations

If you're using an ERP system and looking for smoother inventory tracking and coordination with your e-commerce store, we can integrate virtually any ERP with Shopify. Priority, Oracle, and SAP are just a few examples.


Who is this good for? Any store with an ERP system.

Spotlight: BeProfit

Every so often we come across a product that we think you'll love. This month, BeProfit's Profit Tracker is making our wallets go 💗*thump thump* 💗

Having a hard time calculating your profits? Struggling to keep up with your business expenses?

Tracking your store’s data just got a lot easier with the BeProfit app for Shopify!

  • Discover your TRUE profits
  • Track ALL your expenses in one place
  • Replace your spreadsheets with intuitive charts & graphs
  • Easily create, share & export custom reports
  • Integrate your ad platforms to optimize your ad spend
  • And many more great features

Start making data-driven decisions to optimize your profits with the BeProfit app.

Shopify Platform Updates


💸  Subscription apps now support PayPal Express

The collection of subscription apps in the Shopify App Store now support PayPal Express. Merchants who can't use Shopify Payments now have the option to use subscription apps integrated with Shopify Checkout.

📊  Improve your order fulfillment process with new metrics and reports

The orders index page now displays important metrics like contextual analytics, which lets you efficiently check the health of your operations, from order entry to delivery. It also helps you identify areas of opportunity on the same screen you use to execute tasks. These new metrics help you to spot trends, visualize new pockets of improvement, and confirm if changes are paying off. 

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