Do you know what your customers love more than BuyMe gift cards? Redeeming BuyMe gift cards on your website.

We worked directly with Multipass to create the ability to connect any of their customer clubs to Shopify Plus stores. Now, customers can redeem gift cards for any Multipass partner. 

How it Works


Customers add products to their car, navigate to checkout, and enter their shipping information 


Alongside the coupon field, customers will see the BuyMe gift card field where they can enter their BuyMe card number


Customers complete the checkout process, as usual, using their BuyMe credit

What Else Do Merchants Get?

Reporting tools

You can see metrics for BuyMe on the backend dashboard. See how often it's used, when it's used, and for how much. Understand exactly how it increases your conversions.

Customer support tools

Managing customer support requests for BuyMe is easy. With custom built tools, agents can locate transactions, reverse charges, and more.

Payment flexibility

Customers can pay for the same order using both BuyMe credit and a credit card or PayPal. They can also use multiple BuyMe cards in the same transaction.

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