Hi and welcome to another video from BOA Ideas. I’m Oren, Chief Development and Marketing Officer, and today we’re going to talk about Shopify Plus.

What is Shopify Plus?

So first let's start by understanding what Shopify Plus is. In general, Shopify Plus is a plan meant specifically for big businesses - what are called “enterprises”. These are businesses that have a very high sales volume, businesses that sell to more than one country or market, which means they have to have multiple websites in order to market to the countries or regions that they’re selling to. They have a big need for complex sales like, for example, bundles. And, for companies that have a need for a complex and automatic marketing system.

So of course, one of the differences between Shopify Plus and the other plans is the pricing of the plan. We’ll get into the pricing in a little bit but right now let’s talk about Shopify Plus.

Benefits of Shopify Plus 

With Shopify Plus, there is no shortage of benefits. We have Shopify Scripts, we have Shopify Flow, we have the Launchpad. We have extended API abilities. We have a personal representative who is responsible for the customer’s success on Shopify - and we have a direct connection.

On top of that, we have the ability to edit the checkout. We also have the ability to use applications that are responsible for customer service and strengthening sales. These are applications that you can download and use only on Shopify Plus. 

Let’s talk a little about Shopify Scripts, Shopify Launchpad, and Shopify Flow. These are the key elements under this Shopify Plus plan. 

Shopify Flow 

Shopify Flow essentially enables us to define a set of situations, what are called “causes and effects”. We can define that in situation X, there will be a reaction of Y. For example, we want our website manager to receive an automatic email when a specific collection or item gets to a particular minimum. 

Another example - we want the website to identify customer club members and when customer club members arrive at checkout, they will get a 10% discount. And on top of that, after they make the purchase, they will get an email with another 5% discount for the next purchase. 

These are the kinds of causes and effects that we can define with Shopify Flow. There are both default causes and effects that Shopify offers out of the box. And of course, we can also define every cause and effect in particular. 

Shopify Scripts

The next thing we’ll talk about is Shopify Scripts. Shopify Scripts is mostly related to complex discounts. We have two main forms of discounts - coupon code or reduced price based on a percentage or shekel amount. 

With Shopify Plus, we have the ability to define discounts that are a lot more complicated. For example, bundles. For example, buy three for the price of two. This tool is a great tool for boosting sales on the website. 

It’s not appropriate for everyone from the understanding that not every business needs complex discounts. But like I said at the start, Shopify Plus is built for enterprises. And enterprises are businesses that have both physical stores. Therefore, it fits itself for those businesses and enables them to create more complex discounts than what is available in the default. 

Shopify Launchpad 

Shopify Launchpad lets you determine marketing processes in advance. For example, we’re currently in February.  In another month we have Purim. Suppose that for Purim we want the entire website to look different. That the content is relevant to Purim. That the discounts will be relevant to Purim. That the items themselves that we’re selling will have an emphasis of Purim. 

We can define all of this now and in advance. And when the date arrives that you want to start the discounts, it will happen automatically. At 12 at night, or at another hour that we can set, the entire website will switch to what we developed and want to be active. By the same measure, all of this will revert to how it was and how it originally looked when we set ahead of time what time we want this to happen.


We spoke about Launchpad, we spoke about Shopify Scripts, we spoke about Shopify Flow. Let’s talk for a moment about the extended abilities of API in Shopify Plus. as an example of this, I can give the memberships like SimplyClub, Multipass, and Chever. These are memberships that can only be connected using the extended API abilities with Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus Pricing 

How does the pricing for Shopify Plus work? Shopify Plus is different from the other plans because the business model works in a different way. In the other plans, there is a set monthly payment and sales commission. 

With Shopify Plus, the monthly fee is either $2,000/month set or 0.25% - the higher of the two. In general, the border between 0.25% and $2,000 is $800,000 of sales per month. This means, if you’re over $800,000 sales per month, you’ll pay 0.25%. If you didn’t pass $800,000 of sales per month, you’ll pay a set amount of $2,000. In addition to this payment, you’ll pay another 0.15% of sales. 

For those who are wondering why 0.15% is added to the whole payment to Shopify Plus - it’s because in Israel, we don’t use Shopify’s default clearing service, which is Shopify Payments. Shopify obligates every clearing vendor that is not its default vendor to pay a certain commission. This commission is 0.15% in payment to Shopify Plus.

When is it time to move to Shopify Plus? 

So when is the right time to move to Shopify Plus? Or when to even weigh moving to Shopify Plus? 

If you have a need for complex discounts because you know it’s a very central sales tool that’s needed for the business, that’s a good reason to consider moving to Shopify Plus. if on a marketing level, you know that your website needs a high level of changes in terms of products, visuals, and pricing updates, so Launchpad can give you a great solution and is a great reason to decide to move to Shopify Plus. 

Of course, the economic reason is one of the main reasons. If today, you’re paying an amount for your plan that is close to $2,000, so it is probably the time to think and do the math to see if it’s worthwhile to move to Shopify Plus and get all of the benefits of this plan. At the end of the day, it’s a very economic process that needs to be calculated. And the calculation is very simple - you need to place the number of sales you make in a month in contrast to the current plan and in contract to the more advanced plan and see which is more worthwhile. 

This was the video on Shopify Plus. I really hope that you understood the differences between Shopify Plus and the regular plans. We went over, more or less, the most central things from Shopify Plus. It’s possible that there are a few other small things that we could speak about but on a case-by-case basis. 

You’re welcome to comment below if you want to hear about other topics or more about the topics we spoke about today in more depth. We are happy to give answers.

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