Shopify's top updates

Enhanced Analytics

Shopify has elevated its analytics capabilities to new heights. All data is now available in real time, eliminating the need to wait for data processing. The new dashboard offers a simple drag-and-drop feature for the most important data and includes answers to common questions such as 'How were my sales this week?' For advanced users, there is also the option to easily create custom reports efficiently.

Advanced Checkout Improvements

Shopify's checkout, which is already considered one of the best in the world, features significant further improvements. It is now possible to split shipping options between regular and express delivery at different costs and even to split shipping for a single product. For Shopify Plus users, there is the option to make personal adjustments to the checkout blocks without needing code, allowing greater flexibility in designing and customizing the purchase process. In addition, apps that add functionality to the 'Thank You' page and order status are now available to all plans, allowing users to enjoy an enhanced shopping experience during checkout.

Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets integrates all sales channels under one roof, including B2B stores, physical stores, and online stores worldwide. The major advantage is that there is no need to split inventory, and all channels can be managed from one place. This includes control over catalogs, prices in each store through Markets, and a comprehensive view of business results across all channels—both macro and micro at each store.

Solution for International Sales

Shopify now offers a comprehensive solution for international sales, including handling taxes, duties, shipping labels, fraud protection, and more. This is all done through an efficient tool that can be managed easily and securely.

AI Integration into the Platform

Shopify continues to adopt advanced AI technologies. Sidekick, the new AI consultant, is gradually being made available to more and more stores. It is connected to the store's data and can assist in creating specific target audiences, writing emails, and preparing promotions. Register here to request Sidekick as soon as possible. It is now possible to design your images with the help of AI, offering a simple and easy way to design high-quality images, and soon, this feature will also be available on mobile.

Improvements in Shipping and In-Store Pickup

Shopify now offers improved options for Ship to Store and Store Pick up, allowing better control over collection points and store deliveries, which can help save on shipping costs.

The B2B World

Shopify now offers advanced customization options for B2B stores in every international market without the need for code. In addition, there are new options for Draft orders, allowing customers to see their order, receive an invoice, and pay under pre-set terms. Shopify has also added new payment options such as checks and bank transfers.

In summary, Shopify's Summer 2024 updates offer an impressive combination of innovation, efficiency, and simplicity. With a focus on integrating processes and channels, Shopify continues to lead the ecommerce world forward, providing stronger tools for business owners and enhancing the shopping experience for customers worldwide. The Shopify Plus expert team at BOA Ideas is happy to support you in all the above topics, build your system, and consistently accompany you at every stage of the process.