Hi, I’m Reneta. Welcome to another video by BOA Ideas. Today we’re talking about a development that is a means for purchase in your Shopify store by using Multipass. 

What is Multipass? 

Multipass is a company that operates a number of customer memberships. It manages a number of vouchers and gift cards. You have certainly heard of BuyMe - it’s the most popular one. 

As we present our development, we’ll talk about BuyMe. But know that you can apply it to all other vouchers that Multipass offers.

Merchant Problems 

So how did it all start? A number of store owners came to us with a request to find a solution to using the BuyMe vouchers. Until then, they had been using them manually for the customers that wanted to use BuyMe in-store. The customers would call the store owner on the phone and would request a solution.

So what is this development needed? We’ll break it into two. There are the end-users and there are the store owners. 

Your Shoppers & BuyMe

Let's start with the end-users. The first reason is to save time on the purchase. Until now, for a customer to use a voucher online, he had to waste his own time to call the customer service during the specific hours that they work and get a solution from them. The customer was stuck with the BuyMe voucher and didn’t want to go to the store for a number of different reasons, or because there wasn’t a store nearby in the area and he wanted to use it in that specific store. 

The second reason - improving the customer experience on the website. There are customers that have the vouchers and are stuck with them because they have nothing to do with them except go to the physical store and use them there. 

And today, customers spend a ton of time online and know exactly what they want from the store. The moment you enable them to purchase using BuyMe, they’ll stay in the store and will continue to surf it, unrelated to the BuyMe. 

It enables them to buy with maximum comfort and minimum cost.

Another reason - since forever, there has always been a wide use of vouchers. Since Corona, many store owners started to realize that they need to move their sales online. And also, a lot of customers started to buy more online. The use of vouchers went up by a large percentage. 

Store Owners & BuyMe

Now let's move to store owners. Here are a few reasons why store owners need this development. Until now, the only way for a store owner to enable their customers to buy online was to do it manually. Customers would call and it would require a lot of time looking for solutions to the problem. 

Another reason is increasing sales. From the time the development goes live, the percentage of people using the vouchers goes up by hundreds. Without this option, customers simply won’t go to the website and buy. When they have vouchers and the website doesn’t accept them, they prefer not to visit the site and will surf other sites that do accept their vouchers. 

It wasn’t just the percentage of people using the vouchers that went up, the sales percentage also went up because people who have BuyMe now buy more on the website. Think about a customer who is surfing the website, and sees items that they like. It might be that the value of the products is higher than the value of the voucher. Therefore, the customer will use the BuyMe and will also buy more in addition to the BuyMe. They will buy more and will return to the website.

Likewise, there are customers who are not familiar with your store. Using BuyMe enables them to know about your store, fall in love with it, and buy from it again. 

Frontend, Admin, and Accounting Features

We’ll talk now about the capabilities of the development. We have three sections. The first section is the front, which is shown on the checkout page. The second part is the management system and the customer service, and the third part is the accounting. 

Note that we’re talking about the checkout page so only Shopify Plus can use this development. 

First, we’ll talk about the front. Essentially, you get to the checkout page with the items you want to buy. As you can see here, just like there is a field for using a gift card on the website, there is an additional field for BuyMe vouchers. The process is very simple. The customer enters their BuyMe number and clicks “use”. As you see, you can design it how you want, in a way that will improve the customer experience. And they continue the purchase with the same process. 

The second part of the development includes a system for management and customer service. We build a system for you where you can see how many people used BuyMe vouchers, their sum that was used, the sum that is remaining, ability to cancel uses, and ability to credit customers for returns.

When customers turn to the customer service, your customer service can find the BuyMe code and see if it was used, when it was used, and to execute the action that the customer wants.

The third topic that we need to talk about specifically is the topic of accounting and book keeping. Both when the customer buys the voucher and when the customer uses the voucher. I’m not going to get into it now because it’s boring and confusing, but it’s important that I note that our system supports all of the systems that your business uses. 

So thanks for joining us, I shared a taste of our development. I hope you’re as excited about it as we were to develop it. We look forward to hearing from you so we can enable your customers to buy online too. Get in touch with us via email, telephone, website - whatever works for you. And of course, subscribe to our channel.

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