What is a Shopify agency?

A Shopify development agency provides professional development services for online stores based on the Shopify platform. The agency operates with a team of experts, including system architects, programmers, and webmasters - all Shopify specialists collaborating to build a high-quality, efficient, and technologically advanced ecommerce system for clients.

BOA Ideas is the largest and leading Shopify development agency in Israel. We specialize in assisting businesses in setting up their ecommerce system on Shopify - planning and implementation, integrating third-party systems via API, connecting payment methods and delivery options, and providing staff training. We prioritize fully utilizing the platform's existing capabilities, starting from the initial planning stage and throughout the process. Shopify has invested significantly in creating the best ecommerce platform, and our role is to find innovative ways to maximize its potential for our customers instead of starting from scratch. This approach ensures the fastest and most efficient way to establish a professional and successful store on Shopify.

In this article, we will outline the reasons for choosing a Shopify agency and explain why it is the best option for your business.

A wide range of services

A Shopify Development Agency offers much more than just website building. Leading agencies provide consulting services, comprehensive project management, website setup, development of required features, customization of systems and applications, technical website management, quality testing, user experience optimization, continuous product uploading, and more.

Technological experience and extensive platform knowledge

Creating a successful Shopify store requires technical expertise and familiarity with the platform. A professional Shopify development agency comprises experts with deep technological knowledge and extensive experience using programming languages, understanding platform functions, and implementing best practices. They thoroughly understand Shopify and regularly keep up with all relevant updates and innovations. Their expertise allows them to help customers fully unlock the platform's potential while ensuring smooth and efficient store operations.

Collective knowledge and collaborative work

A development agency employs diverse experts, including system architects, programmers, webmasters, and more. The collaboration between these experts from various fields enables effective brainstorming, mutual learning, and leveraging the successes of previous projects. Their extensive experience and collective knowledge are the key to delivering optimal results.

Customization for business and brand

Creating a successful Shopify store requires technical expertise and alignment with the client's brand. To stand out in the competitive ecommerce landscape, creating a unique and cohesive brand identity is crucial and must happen without compromising website speed. A professional Shopify development agency can assist in adjusting the appearance and content of the store while ensuring fast loading times and high conversion rates. They can build custom designs, incorporate engaging visual elements, and combine branding elements to give the store a professional and attractive look while providing an enjoyable browsing experience.

Finding unique solutions when necessary

While the Shopify platform offers a wide range of features, apps, and integrations, specific needs for your business may not be readily available. A professional and experienced agency will know how to provide creative solutions by developing customized applications or integrating third-party solutions to expand your store's capabilities.

Here at BOA Ideas, our first step is to assess why the requested functionality is not available in Shopify. This ensures that any addition does not negatively impact sales or user experience. If we determine together that there is a genuine need, we can develop a customized application or dedicated integration to achieve the desired outcome. Our experience and creativity enable us to find solutions that do not exist in a structured way within Shopify, meeting our customer's complete satisfaction.

Additional benefits of working with a Shopify development agency


Partnering with a development agency enables an efficient process and significant time and resource savings. Collaboration with an experienced agency saves clients from investing considerable time into learning the platform, trial-and-error processes, and troubleshooting technical issues. The expertise and extensive experience of the agency's team allow for maximizing the platform's capabilities and if necessary, efficient planning and development. Focusing on important details and implementing best practices leads to substantial time and resource savings while enhancing the project's success.

Professional ongoing support and maintenance

A professional Shopify development agency provides continuous support and maintenance. The agency will accompany clients throughout the entire process - from planning and development to going live - and provide comprehensive training to empower them to manage and operate the store independently. However, if desired, They will continue providing ongoing technical support according to individual needs. The support, professionalism, and extensive knowledge guarantee proper and efficient store operations, allowing brands to focus on business aspects while maximizing user experience and revenue.

Business growth

An agency can support businesses to achieve their full potential and promote growth over time. With professional knowledge, a business can expand into new markets through comprehensive management, improve conversion rates and customer experience, implement advanced technologies and features, and execute effective marketing and sales strategies. The online store can be optimally adapted to evolving needs by accompanying the business at every growth stage. The ultimate goal is to enable healthy and controlled long-term business growth.

To conclude

A Shopify development agency is a crucial partner for brands looking to establish an advanced ecommerce system with a successful and competitive online store. They offer technical expertise, customization capabilities, and ongoing support to unlock the potential of this sales channel fully.

BOA Ideas specializes in building top-tier Shopify websites, providing their clients with distinct competitive advantages. By ensuring professionalism, transparency, availability, and simplicity, combined with extensive experience and maximum utilization of the Shopify platform's capabilities, we deliver optimal results for every project.

We would be happy to address any queries and offer the expertise and support necessary to harness the full potential of your Shopify store.