Shopify platform

Many businesses worldwide choose Shopify to set up their online store, allowing them to sell their products to customers anywhere in the world. This platform has conquered the ecommerce website development market, allowing customers of all types and sizes to enjoy a well-designed, advanced, and easy-to-use online store for merchants and consumers. The great advantages of Shopify are comprehensive security and large and stable servers, automatic and regular updates without human contact, and the design that can be done using Shopify templates that meet a high standard of loading speed, drive to action and sales, a simple and easy user experience, and more.

Choosing Shopify Design Templates

Setting up your website and designing it is easier than ever with the help of Shopify's template store, where you will find a variety of possible templates for your website. Here are some tips for choosing the right template for your website:

1. Characterization of the list of requirements from the website before choosing the template

Before you choose a template, you need to know your requirements, such as: what is your budget for the template? Does it have the ability to play videos? What are the options for creating landing pages or a blog, etc.? Once you have a list as detailed as possible of the requirements, you can find the templates that meet most of your requirements and decide whether you are satisfied with the existing options or add additional options to the template by development.

We invite you to receive our guidance based on our experience choosing templates that are easier to work with than others since choosing a suitable template is enormous when you want to make personal adjustments in development.

2. Look for a pattern in your niche

Any template can suit any business, but an online store that sells electrical products will look different from a fashion or food site. For your convenience, in the Shopify template store, you will find many types of designs according to branches in all kinds of styles so that you can adapt your site's " atmosphere " to your niche. You can also draw inspiration from competitors or leading brands and, with our help, understand what template they are working on.

3. Adapting the template to the brand language

When we accompany clients in choosing a template, we distill a list of the most important features and principles for each client and their brand and adapt the template as much as possible to the brand's language - colors, general visibility, how much information we want to display on each product, where the emphasis of the brand is in the store, and more.

4. Choose an official template approved by Shopify

We at BOA Ideas always recommend choosing an official Shopify template because each template is carefully tested according to the criteria for a good customer experience and converting and anti-abandonment features. Shopify also ensures that the template developers provide proper customer service. Only the best templates are published (hundreds of them), and they continue to undergo reviews by Shopify to ensure that every time the official templates are changed or updated, they will go through the update automatically and comfortably, and without any problems.


BOA Ideas is the leading company in Israel for Shopify site support and development services and helps leading brands get the most out of the platform. We recommend Shopify templates because they aim for a successful customer experience and sales based on Shopify's extensive experience in the field, based on 4 million existing stores.

You can set up a Shopify website without a template, but it will require many resources and hours of design and development. Even for big brands, we recommend using Shopify templates, and we at BOA Ideas will take care of all your additional needs on your website until the desired result.