About Pandazzz

Pandazzz is a direct-to-consumer mattress company that is disrupting the industry. It is the first of its kind to offer "boxed" mattresses to Israeli consumers, alongside a 100-night guarantee. They are obsessed with continual improvement based on their data collection and seek to optimize every page of their site for a better user experience. 


Purchasing a mattress can be an expensive and long-term investment. Pandazzz found that their customers were getting stuck in the purchase process because they lacked the confidence to buy. There was not enough transparency around Pandazzz’s 100-night trial policy or detailed information about their products, leading customers to doubt the company’s credibility and trustability. This caused customers to drop off right before they were about to make the purchase.


We built a custom product page that incorporated detailed information without compromising on UX/UI, smartly prioritizing what goes above the fold. This included custom features such as discount labels, monthly installments, upsell bundles, video, warranty details, and more. All improvements were based on data and customer feedback to ensure that customers felt confident and comfortable making a purchase. 


Rolling these changes out resulted in a 100% increase in the page’s conversion rate.

Core Technologies

Javascript, GraphSQL, Ruby, Shopify Scripts

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Powered by Froala Editor