With over 20,000 retailers worldwide, BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL is a plant-based haircare company that distributes product primarily through hair salons. They focus on providing high-quality, nutrient dense products.


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became urgent that BIOTOP launch an e-commerce site. Salons were closed across the globe and BIOTOP needed a new way to reach customers directly. The major challenge was launching a store in under a month while making sure our solutions were poised for long term success and international growth. 


  • Using the Impulse Shopify theme, we customized virtually every page to meet their unique needs. We built their collection pages from scratch - each collection has customized colors, branding, and layout.
  • We connected to their ERP and various suppliers for unified business operations.
  • We built the site in a way that makes it easy to duplicate and implement for other markets.
  • Since BIOTOP is new to e-commerce, we helped them build out a new set of business and operations processes.


BIOTOP launched a fully functional and deeply customized US e-commerce store in under one month. The site included new systems for order logistics and customer service. Combined with connecting to their existing systems and platforms, the business seamlessly takes and fulfills online orders. Several weeks post-launch, the company decided to offer worldwide order fulfillment.

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