About Terminal X

Terminal X is an Israeli company that imports, markets, and sells online through an e-commerce site. The site ranks highly as one of the top ten fashion sites for fashion purchases among the Israeli audience, according to SimilarWeb's ranking. The site offers products from over 180 international brands, Fox Group brands, the company's brand designed for men, women, and children, and it also features products from local creators and designers.


The journey with Terminal X was a Thrilling adventure, with challenges requiring innovation and creativity. The main challenge was replicating their fully custom-built Israeli website, a masterpiece born from their unique vision. Their website was a one-of-a-kind creation tailored precisely to their brand's ideals. We had to do the same on Shopify within a short timeframe. We had to integrate custom features such as displaying brand colors in a specific way, incorporating the brand's unique labels, and implementing infinite scrolling. All these features had to be developed while ensuring that site speed and the customer's browsing experience were not compromised, which would result in a seamless shopping experience.


To navigate the challenge, we embarked on an innovative and meticulous journey. Our team recreated every intricate feature needed from the Israeli website while ensuring a smooth transition to the Shopify platform. We seamlessly embedded custom elements into the Greek website, preserving the brand's unique identity. We ensured that every aspect of the Greek site resonated with Terminal X's well-defined brand language.


Our collaborative journey led to remarkable outcomes:

Terminal X's Greek website became a mirror image of their Israeli masterpiece, preserving the essence of their brand's success. The website boasted streamlined navigation and an efficient design, enhancing user experiences. Custom features, including the wishlist and rotating kite, became integral parts of the site, elevating the user journey while staying true to the brand's unique character.

Core Technologies

Shopify liquid, Shopify flow, GraphQL, JS